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“Your Bae, Your Love and Your Best”

Persuasive in the art of romance for the living of digital age. That’s what I have come to my creation when related with relationship. Email is the most communicative invention on the internet than what social media tried to win it.

It’s different atmosphere where do you have a chance to show your moment in him / her, you are being like writer just especially romantically for it. Or manipulate the words to get a richness of expression. When I’ve read some letters by famous inventors and artists, like Albert Einstein from Brain Pickings’s curation. It makes me take as inspiration how wonderful it is, if this playground of romantic writing form with email.

Obviously, short message and chatting are a short notice to care each other, there is no aesthetic behind it. But when there would be exciting moments in romances writing, email is your extraordinary reflection in love letter. I’m trying to innovate from benefits from digital age consuming. And this step, it might risk your mind for thinking deeply how your feeling can show writing in each other could explode every expressions.


Albert Einstein’s Love Letter by Brain Pickings —

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