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“If you want to be original, be ready to be copied” — Coco Chanel

Pattern from Fashion Influences — Kicikku

Why Fashion?, moment of lifestyle and something culture always speak about it. Fashion designers are the players of innovations, they are fully imaginations atmospheres, dreamers, trending maker and also art thinkers. They don’t belong to the proof of culture, they make a new surprises for the culture, without seeing anything.

What if technological innovators are inspired by fashion thinking?, how could that be?. The key of fashion thinking, I would say they might not see what culture need or problem’s today, innovation must be mysterious or adventurous elements to judge it. And also, fashion thinkers are passionately with the elements of art, sometimes not seeing opportunities in commercials, they are brought by their ego in fashion design. That’s why runway season are their judgement probabilities, you know people have different style in every contexts.

Visual Language Technological Building (Inspired by Fashion Thinking) — Kicikku

Now, technological innovators, if they would like to make a big game changes, how should we surprise them, without seeing potentials of business, but there are the new potentials would be there, and also being an authentic firstly, dreamed by your imagination or what kind of activities are you doing today is affected with the new idea.

Vision like simplified with innovation, effectiveness or comfort things, that’s another levels. Sometimes what we think it is ugly, people might call it’s beautiful, this world is full of questions and inconsistency answers, your imagination without circumstances would presents it crucially.

Letters of Idea — Kicikku

Firas Rafislam is tech strategist, designer, instigator in developing tech experience for inner and outer digital biz or business prospective, he’s also passionate discovering idea in design thinking and lastly curator of ideas. He was Freelance iOS Developer. Kicikku is his collective experimental ideas and essays platform.

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The Nature of Things — Kicikku

We consider depends of the things around you and that’s natural what activity we do. We just knows that natural just follows what we need. Let’s speak it naturally. natural doesn’t have to be statical something and just follow the lead communication.

By the way, this art explained about the nature with the bunch of mixed flowers. They’re consistent with their elements whether it’s beautiful or not and adapt quickly with others space to get naturally. Every things have benefits each other.

Now, let’s go to challenge, ‘The Nature of Things’ is the idea how technology connect between innovation and culture. The express of problem-solving is the action of technology, that’s the reason simply. Our world is full of breakthrough, but one of them doesn’t expect in this world, natural wouldn’t get the answer how to adapt it.

Nature needs the reason why our innovation does matter. So, we need the culture to give this answer to our nature feeling. We’re speculating that people could enjoy their nature that comes from the effect of life. This’s simple reason, people could love what the exchange culture serves it. We consider people don’t have to follow the rule of their culture that our early generations taught us, it’s normal circulation from culture.

The culture is developing right now that following innovation is the main character for this case. It doesn’t try to affect what people do, it just be the main tool of human’s activity. Innovation has their own from human and be destined for us and living things. Firstly, We’ve got so many steps how the new solution is accepted to culture. Human have a sense of feeling to balance what inside of their life, manage limited time, dream of the future and think to choose between good and bad. Our reflection with nature is come from the speech of culture, however when innovation has negotiated with context of culture and it accepted to get in, our thinking has influenced by them easily. ‘The Leading of Streaming Music in Internet Era’, this big idea has succeeded changed how we’re enjoying the music content and to get that innovation, inventors of Internet knows they could read the culture first. The theory of idea to migrate to innovation is comes what the culture said. Culture has to speech to our thought then convert to inspiration.

It’s different with how art principle, our mind is manufactured with the emotion of culture and express it with visual if you’re artist. We tried to manipulate the condition what process is doing in the the culture with our imagination. Art is endless possibility of inspiration and the messenger of culture whose have observe the problem naturally. But, we’re openable for that, it’s too wild to be called idea of innovation.

That’s all how culture participated. Now, we have the possibility technology or similar with it could be nature of things?. Now, our life is full of complexity. This civilisation century doesn’t care the base of science and our patience is quite over that business dominated them. Innovation makes us get judgment over confused. In this background, our culture has corrupted by innovation that doesn’t care about attitude. That’s why the nature doesn’t see what can their adapt. The objects from around us has taught us so many theory that turn to knowledge, this is the mission of nature to remind most peoples why it does matter. Then, when we’re paying back with our idea for natural things, it doesn’t care about it. Nature has require of perfection for his characteristic that affect their culture and it definitely must be basic. It’s possible that technology become nature, the vision of innovation is just making it simple from what we feel today. Nature is asking with culture, ‘why does this thing matter in your sense?’. And the culture answered with the reason of our innovation. The answer from this point that innovation from our own idea is trying to give the solution for the nature. Informally, nature has manipulated from it. Automatically, nature has to be adapted with it.

Because of the elements of basic and consistent with their perspective. This is the reason why Nature doesn’t see it gets benefits or not. Cat doesn’t know what people put wristlet in his neck, human’s idea is to track their movement, so we wouldn’t get it lose. Ever think that, does this cat know about the feature of the wristlet?. Nature can’t response what it can’t sense with it. Nature knows what they response it.

Why culture?, the nature is the basic of universe and intersect with everything, innovation is the second or third step after culture speak it the problem. With the helping of culture, it could reading the activity of object. And also, Art is the additional resources of this visibility. Nature gives the readability include knowledge to humans why we need to thinking with question ‘what does we need to solve this?’ or. We’ve known how the circulation concept work. Then, Ecosystem. This noun has required for this recipe for culture and our priority. Even make it easily for your detail. We know every idea has interconnected system, related to each other, that’s the reason where do we get it, it’s simple like the structured of the sentence, between words.

Culture mostly take the action but the nature is the beginning of this action. After culture gives the inspiration for idea, Culture is given with gift from the nature, after it influenced by innovation. The Nature doesn’t have authority to evaluate of humankind creation before use our innovation, culture is our judgement role. It’s normal, if people in the middle of you doesn’t accept your exploration. So, the nature wouldn’t get influenced by our creation if the culture doesn’t accept it.

The reality is facing difficulty to know what nature should get it. Even, our reality have to betray to get in the playground. There are relative things that culture have always to be true. Optionally, it should give the straight way in timeline. Because, We need those innovation to inspire more of idea and nature could develop after the new adaption for the next big thing, when culture knows the timing, then it give the inspiration once again. For this century, our mind is quite easily to be affected by new thinking.

Let’s take a look of the universe of Internet. It’s the biggest innovation that changed our nature and take a role of this manipulated our mind. We’ve enjoy the knowledge very different style, communicate in digital mind. We hope the basic of nature doesn’t disappear after our manipulation.

You know, to explore this idea is kind of breakthrough, but the situation is like has limited law to explore. We know, we can’t break the law of nature which is absolute with their theory. But, the evolution how we explored the nature with science is trying to adapt nature. Thanks for knowledge!

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Let’s care about complexity first..

Simplicity and Complexity for me is black and white. Not everyone love white and not everyone love black. But they’re together, connected and help each others. However, the less is more trending topic and popular than complex.

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