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The Intersection of Fashion and Technology

“If you want to be original, be ready to be copied” — Coco Chanel Pattern from Fashion Influences — Kicikku Why Fashion?, moment of lifestyle and something culture always speak about it. Fashion designers are the players of innovations, they are fully imaginations atmospheres, dreamers, trending maker and also art thinkers. They don’t belong to the proof of culture, they […]

The Nature of Things

The Nature of Things — Kicikku We consider depends of the things around you and that’s natural what activity we do. We just knows that natural just follows what we need. Let’s speak it naturally. natural doesn’t have to be statical something and just follow the lead communication. By the way, this art explained about the nature […]

Simplicity what you think is Complexity for me

Let’s care about complexity first.. Simplicity and Complexity for me is black and white. Not everyone love white and not everyone love black. But they’re together, connected and help each others. However, the less is more trending topic and popular than complex.